The Husband

Hi, there. My name is Vishal and I have been an Event Manager for the last 15 years. I started my own Production House for events 2 years ago and since then my life is like a dream. Today, I am living my dreams and fulfilling my life’s purpose, i.e., travelling the world.

Travelling has been my passion since childhood and my job provided me ample opportunities to travel around my own country – India, a very big county in itself. My management experience and skills equipped me with an uncanny ability to research and plan my own travels. Earlier I used to travel alone, now I travel with the love of my life, my wife. Before I explored only India, but from last year I have started exploring other countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany, Egypt, Japan and counting. And by explore I mean EXPLORE – getting to know the place from inside out and from top to bottom.

Come join me and my lovely wife on an adventure of a lifetime! I am the one who’d in charge of most of the Travel part of this space. I’ll be sharing travelling plans, fitting your stays in several budgets as well as exploring the cullinary sides of all th eplaces I had and will be visiting.

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